Having a healthy mind-body connection not only reduces stress, it also raises your energy levels and confidence in your ability to tackle whatever life throws at you.

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Hi, I'm Celestine Fedley, and I am a Meditation and Wellness coach. I mainly work with busy working women to breakthrough chronic stress, so they can have more energy and motivation for life. 

What to expect when working with me

  • I introduce my clients to different relaxation and meditation techniques that they can easily incorporated into their everyday lives.
  • My clients are able to build their confidence in their own ability to reduce their stress levels so they can make healthier choices. 
  • I combine my knowledge of the body and mind to help you generate a holistic approach to stress management, healthy habit building and mindful living.
  • I do this through one-on-one coaching, meditation and mindful teachings, workshops and classes as well as facilitating wellness and healthy habit building workshops.
  • Working with me will show you how to rewire your brain, so you can feel more in control and able to make sustainable changes in your life. By using an individually customised approach of simple proven tools, you are able to not only sustain the changes but thrive in life.

    "Celestine has a raw authentic passion for helping people de-stress and live a better version of YOU. Her enthusiasm makes you feel so heard that it is easy to open up and unpack issues.

    She has a knack for seeing the links between different areas in your life and reflecting them back to you in a logical way, with many ah-ha moments. This invokes a willing curiosity to look deeper rather than avoiding the harder issues.

    Celestine is great at translating your vision into clear concise words that have depth and meaning. And she is great at breaking your vision down into small achievable goals. I love her approach to identify your top 3 strengths, and weave these into your goals." Jennifer Hocking

    Work With Me

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    It is possible to live a calm and peaceful life.

    Take the quiz and receive an eBook on how to strengthen your mind body connection