Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition

Level 3 Health and Wellness Coach

 Stress Management Consultant ​

Lifestyle Medicine Advocate

"The Lift Project" Facilitator

Throughout our lives we take on so much based upon what we are told, and we pick up rules and beliefs without ever having the opportunity to question them. Some experts estimate that 70% of our subconscious programming, which occurs during our first seven years, is negative. We look at the world through a single lens based on our personal history.

By being mindful we can change the lens and view the world through the filter of curiosity. We can experience our emotions without being overtaken by them. We can let go of the need to be perfect. To understand everything. To stop judging ourselves and what is.

Hi, my name is Celestine Fedley and I used to be a perfection driven madwomen.

Of course, I was too way busy to listen to my body screaming at me to slow down. I wasn’t sleeping, I was emotional eating due to stress and shear exhaustion and of course Id fallen into the habit having a glass or three of wine every night.

This all stopped when I was struck down with adrenal fatigue. This led to a major change of mindset about what was healthy for my mind, body and spirit. I’m not saying my life is all sunshine and rainbows, things still get me down and life still throws me curve balls every now and again. 

But the difference is I have the tools, self-awareness and experience behind me to not worry about every little thing and to stay connected to my passion, values and beliefs. By doing this I can make decisions in my life that are ultimately going to serve me rather than bring me down.

Scientific research has shown the connection between the mind and the body, and how our thoughts and feelings can directly affect our physical health. Negative emotions like anger, fear, guilt, and sadness can contribute to imbalances in our body, and eventually manifest as disease.

By combining my knowledge of nutrition, positive psychology, neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness and wellness coaching I have built a business that I am truly passionate about. I love being able to help people gain confidence in their ability to establish healthier lifestyle habits, create life balance and lead happier, more energy filled life!!!

I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your path to wellness and the life you desire.