Prioritizing your time to reduce stress

Ever feel like you’re being stretched in lots of different directions? Or maybe your to-do list never seems to get any shorter? Feeling that you’re not in control of your time is a major cause of stress but it’s something that can be tackled by choosing your priorities (and sticking to them!).

A few tips to help with this:

Make sure you have healthy boundaries between work and home. Ideally, the former won’t spill over into the latter too much – and that includes checking work emails at home!

Struggling with your never ending to do list?

Prioritizing tasks according to how important they really are is a great start. If you only get one or two things done, they’ll be some of the really key ones. Then look at the tasks that you’ve deemed lowest priority and think about whether you can bring in any outside help to get them done. Another trick is to decide how urgent they really are.

At first glance, it might feel like everything needs to be done as soon as possible but in reality, you’ll often find that some tasks can realistically be held over a little bit while you focus on the most pressing ones. If you can spread things out to a manageable time frame, it can cut your stress levels a lot!

Learning to say “no” can be hugely beneficial for time management, especially for setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing your to-do list. This can avoid potential for overstretching yourself because you feel obliged to agree.

If you don’t realistically have the time or enthusiasm to take on a particular task, look for an alternative solution that won’t cause you extra stress.

Build time into your schedule for relaxation and downtime.

This is super important for keeping stress under control and avoiding burnout.

Don’t forget about exercise and spending time with family and friends too.

These are “protective” activities that help to keep a healthy balance in your life so you definitely don’t want to skimp on them.

Until next time!