"I have been getting life coaching at Inner Knowing with Celestine over the last year.

Together we have identified where I feel I can improve my life to achieve my goals toward optimum health. I thought I couldn’t change and had given up. Celestine has been instrumental for me to identify my strengths and create positive change in my life.

I feel more confident in making changes to live a happier healthier life. I would highly recommend using Inner Knowing to move past blockages and taking control of your life and wellbeing.

What I have learnt about myself will have long lasting benefits for me and the people around me. I feel inspired and know that within myself are the tools I need. They were always there I guess, Celestine just shone the light for me to find my way in the darkness to change bad habits and a defeatist belief system that I was not in control." Corinne 

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Meditation and Mindful Workshops

Meditation and mindfulness aids attention, increases feelings of well being, supports calmness, enhances intuition, supports goal achievement and feelings of inner peace. It changes the structure of our brains and improves our response to stress.

Meditation and Mindfulness Exploration Classes

These fortnightly 1 hour classes explore different techniques and practices relating to meditation and Mindfulness. 

When you attend you will walk away with scientifically-proven tools to identify and implement strategies to break the stress cycle, so you can take back control, make healthier choices and just be happier and more productive in life.

Each class consists of:

  • A brief description of the class teachings or theme for the night.
  • 30 minute relaxation and meditation practice
  • 5 minute easily implemented mindfulness practice
  • Questions or observations

When we meditate, we cease movement and allow the activity of our minds to go on without us. We become observers rather than participants. eventually, we fall into a deep silence, a place that underlies all the noise and distractions of daily human existence. In this place, it becomes possible for us to train our minds to calm our nervous system and relax and recharge our bodies and minds.

Classes held at 40 Wyrallah Road Lismore  (Behind the The Women Up North Offices) from 6pm till 7pm:

The room is heated and comes with comfy mats and pillows to lie on, plus some blankets to get really cozy.

But if you have your own mats, pillows and blankets that you can bring along please do!

18th of June

2nd of July

23rd of July

6th of August

20th of August

3rd of September

17th of September

1st of October

Tickets available just click HERE


Stress Management Workshop

This workshop is interactive, combining facts with fun activities that inspire curiosity about the mind/body connection and how by deepening the connection can create a more positive, fun-filled and productive life.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • What is stress?
  • Why so many people are experiencing stress
  • The stress response and how it affects our physiology
  • The effects of chronic stress
  • Ways to manage stress
  • Body and Mind relaxation techniques

Meditation for Positive Thinking

Meditation and Mindfulness aids attention, increases feelings of well being, supports calmness, enhances intuition, supports goal achievement and feelings of inner peace. It changes the structure of our brains and improves our response to stress.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • The cause and effects of stress
  • Negative vs Positive thought processes
  • How to use meditation to change the stress response
  • The psychological and physiological benefits of regular meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Using neuroplasticity to change your habits
  • Easy mediation and mindfulness practices for everyday use. 

Benefits of participating in these workshops:

Learn how to:

·        Get less stressed by situations that normally cause distress

·        Feel more focused at work

·        Become more present with your family and friends

·        Sleep better

·        Worry Less


So you can:

·        Have more energy

·        Be happier at work and in life

·        Create a more sustainable work/life balance

·        Manage your mindset

·        Make healthier lifestyle choices.

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"Wellness coaching with Celestine has had a tremendous positive impact on my life.

Recognising my life goals and identifying the steps to achieving them has given me a strong foundation to fulfilling my dreams.

Now that I know exactly what I want and how to achieve it, there's nothing to stop me!" Megan White-Fox


Corporate clients that I have worked with:

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